Walk On The Wild Side…

I love my Apple TV, well most of the time. If it wasn’t for my wife and her love for the Hallmark and Lifetime channels, I’d dump cable TV.

Ok, that’s a weird opening for a wildlife article, so let me explain. If you have been keeping up then you know that I have a morning ritual which is coffee, news, and photo websites. Although I may have mentioned it in a past article, at bedtime I will often watch photography videos on YouTube using my Apple TV.

A couple of nights ago, I fired up the Apple TV and went to YouTube and searched wildlife photography. When I’m in bed wanting to watch YouTube videos, I’m looking for the ones that are at least an hour long. The short ones are for the computer.

From my search, I found one posted in June of 2016 from the Optics 2016. It was a presentation from Zoologist turned wildlife photographer, Ron Magill. As Ron explains in the video, he had written an article and the publisher called and wanted photos. Ron thought no problem. He contacted a stock photo business (keep in mind this is before digital) and was flabbergasted at the prices. At that moment, he decided to learn photography.

This is a great video that, in my opinion, every wildlife photographer should watch regardless of skill level. It’s fun, educational, and is humble. Forget the gear, the techniques, the pixel peeping, and all the rules.

I’ll warn you in advance, if this was another photographer presenting the same information, this 1 hour video would have been 2-3 hours. Ron is excited about wildlife photography as you’ll see.

Keep shooting…


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